baby boomer generation

instruction from the teacher:?Never trust anyone over 30? was a favorite saying among the baby boomer generation in the 1960s. This expression implies among other things that there was a major ideological gap forming between the generation that survived the Great Depression and fought and won World War II, and their children. As we know, these children were born in the affluence of the 1950s where they began to form a distinct youth identity as they popularize their own fads, fashions, and entertainments. By the time they entered college, they had political and social consciousness and started to ?change? America. What I want to know is why and how this gap between the generations grew so large and so distinct by the mid 1970s. Using your knowledge of the course lectures, the info from the book, and the material you collected during your interview projects. I want you to describe in detail the historical events that shaped each generation?s development and explain how their value, beliefs, hopes, fears, and dreams diverged (split apart) so widely in the 1960s and beyond. MAKE SURE YOU DISCUSS BOTH GENERATIONS EQUALLY (1. American generations shaped by the events of the 1930s and 40s, compared to the generation shaped by events in the late 1950s, 60s, and 70s). You might want to explain the role or impact of among other things, The Great Depression, World War II, nuclear weapons, anti-communism, rock and roll, drug use, the sexual revolution, Cold War, Vietnam War, and several other key events and people. What legacies if any have we inherited from the boomers. Do you see any parallels with the protest movements of today such as Occupy or TEA Party?

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