authentic assessment of memory

Project description
I only need 2 pages on this focusing on creating an assessment task for long term memory. other examples of an assessment tool include ask Analysis


Response Journals/Learning Logs

Think-aloud Techniques




Work-sample analysis

Error Analysis



Module 1 Theme 3: Authentic Assessment
Assignment 4. Create an Assessment of an Underlying Ability
Assignment Weight: 10% of your final grade
Assignment Description: Develop an instrument/tool that can be used to assess a student’s underlying abilities in one of the following areas: auditory processing; visual processing; visual-motor processing; attention/concentration/disinhibition; memory; receptive and expressive language; metacognition; and emotions.
Steps To Completing This Assignment:
1. You will be assigned one of the underlying ability areas and asked to create an instrument that can be used to assess a student’s abilities in this area. You may choose to complete this assignment on your own or pair with another student who has been assigned the same underlying area for this assignment.
2. Review at least five peer reviewed references (i.e., textbooks, journal articles) to develop an awareness and mastery of the specific components of the underlying skill areas for the ability area you have been assigned. These elements can be used as the major categories for your assessment. Ensure you list the references you have used at the end of your assignment in a reference section.
3. Generate questions that can be used to probe for information/gather performance data in each of your major assessment categories. Try to be as comprehensive as possible.
4. Include instructions for use of your instrument and an explanation of how you would use the assessment tool to gather information (i.e., work/task samples) within authentic contexts.
7. Your student’s abilities in each of the above mentioned areas will need to be evaluated as part of your Student Portfolio assignment due at the end of the term. Ensure you have used formal and/or informal assessment tools to assess your student’s strengths and areas of need in each of the following areas as part of your Students memory;

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