Assignments in Business Law !

Assignments in Business Law !

Chapter one :
First check the attachments and read the lecture of chapter 1 and the power point .. and read this :

When you finish reading, You have to do two things : Discussion and Case Analysis :

1- Discussion ( Answer questions ) ..( I WANT HALF PAGE) which is Each question two lines or less. It depends on the question :

What is the difference between law and morality?
What are the differences among positive law, natural law, and negative rights?
What is ethical relativism?
What is social contract theory?
What are the steps in applying utilitarianism?
What is rational ethics?
What is the dual nature of ethics in government?
What are the arguments supporting social responsibility?
Why is law needed in our society?
How is harmony established between the law and ethics?

2- Case Analysis

A – Corporate Responsibility: There are many corporations that make an effort to promote social responsibility notwithstanding that it might have an impact on the company’s “bottom line.” For example, Phillip Morris runs advertisements pointing out the dangers of smoking cigarettes ( see Phillip Morris website ). Please research the internet for 2 examples of other companies that promote social responsibility. ( HALF PAGE)

B-Social Contract Theory: In the wake of the bombing of a passenger train in Madrid, Spain, the British government stepped up its anti-terrorist activities and, as a result, in just over one month’s time, arrested eighteen people who were suspected of terrorist activities. Under British anti-terrorism statutes, the governments permitted to imprison suspected terrorists even though no charges have been filed and no trial held. Applying social contract theory to this case, is the action taken by the British government ethical? Explain ( HALF PAGE)
C-Suppose there were three persons stranded on an island, two men and a fourteen year old girl. After 3 weeks, facing the certainty of all three dying and with no food any longer available, the two men take the life of the girl to have food. They are rescued one week later. When it is discovered what they had done they are charged with murder. Assuming that they would have all died if one of them had not been sacrificed:

1. Did the men act immorally?

2. What would an ethical relativist say about these actions?

3. What would an utilitarian say?

4. What about a rational ethicist?


Chapter TWO :
First, check the attachments and read the lecture of chapter 2 and the power point.

When you finish reading, You have to do two things : Discussion and Case Analysis :

1- Discussion ( Answer questions ) ..( I WANT HALF PAGE) which is Each question two lines or less. It depends on the question :

What are the objectives of the law?
How does the law reflect a series of complex dualities?
What are the functions of the articles and the amendments of the U.S. Constitution?
What is the difference between the principle of preemption and the doctrine of devolution?
What is the role of statutory law in the legal system?
Why does this country need to set up a system of uniform state laws?
What is the role of common law in the legal system?
How does the principle of stare decisis provide stability to our legal system?
What is the difference between statutory interpretation and judicial review?
Why does the legislature need to establish administrative agencies?
2- Case Analysis

A- The governor of Alabama, who publicly announced his opposition to the integration of the public schools in Alabama, ordered the Alabama National Guard to stop all black students from entering any public school. The ACLU and the NAACP want to take action with the Court which would enjoin the National Guard from obeying the order of the Governor.

1. Through what Court process can the actions of the governor be declared void. Discuss the process.

2. What Principle would the Court use to do so? Discuss the Principle.
( Half page )

B- Carin Careful was involved in an accident where she was driving down a residential street and, just for a second, took her eyes off the road to reprimand her 4 year old child, who was sitting in the back seat. At that time, she was struck by an automobile, driven by Carl Careless, who was backing out of his driveway at 60 miles per hour. Because the law in that state regarding negligence was governed by the doctrine of contributory negligence (which means that if the plaintiff contributes to the slightest degree to his or her own injuries, he or she is barred from ANY recovery), Careful would be able to recover “0” if she sued Careless. Careful’s attorney wants to litigate and use the law of the the adjacent state, which is governed by comparative negligence (see definition in back of text ), which would allow a recovery for Careful if applied by the Court. Will the Court allow the attorney to use the precedent of the adjacent state? Why or why not? Discuss binding and persuasive precedent…..( HALF PAGE)

C- Barry Byer, a Pennsylvania vendor, entered into a commercial transaction (contract) with Sam Sellher, a California supplier of widgets, to purchase 5000 widgets for to resell in his retail store, Wonderful Widget World. The purchase price was $5000. A dispute arose in relation to the terms of the contract. There was no clause in the contract that stated which law should apply, the law of PA or the law of California. Does that matter? If so, why? If not, why not? ( HALF PAGE)
Total page of CH 2 : 2 pages.


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