Assignment #3

1.    On your first page, refer to page 62 of your textbook and make a timeline of your intended career and then of your family career. If you don’t plan on having

children, use your plans for your favorite recreational activity; however, note when your parents may need care (15 points)

2.    On your second page, analyze your timelines and try to predict where there might be tension or conflict between the two timelines. Please answer the questions

in the paragraph on pg. 63 (3 questions, 5 points each). If you have no plans to have children, then focus on a recreational activity.

a.    If you have already established your career and then find your life partner, will your careers be in harmony? Would you move for your partner’s career? For

your own? (substitute your recreational activity)
b.    If your career peaks at the same time your parents need care, how will you provide it?
c.    If your career is peaking when your children are young, how will you parent?

Work-family conflict. “1lll/hen simultalrileous pressures from the Wo
family domains are mutua Y lncimliatiffe. In some respect, such thatrk and
ing the demands of one role ma es it 1 ficult to meet the demand meet.
other role” (Greenhaus 8: Singh, 2003).

1 Issues to Ponder *3

1. What is your ideal work-family boundary be able to
work whenever and wherever you wish, to have an arrangement that kc access you
of your home and your family out of the office, or to vary between inthr‘ ‘$5 workout
in one sphere and intense involvement in the other sphere? What ad Se ltlvolvemeni
offer you? Will there be any downside? vantages will this

2. What were the most important rituals in
your family of ori
had when you were a child)? Who organized and maintair%“c1](thefaml.lyyou
Remember that rituals can occur on a daily basis (such ? those rituals;
occasional basis (such as the family vacation) What ‘ aslan evenmg mckfn) 0”“
Hal in the family you create as an adult? will-or d ritua s do You want to be C61}.
to do this? Des your work affect Your ability
3‘ Wmlld You ever entert

Couple relationship? If you as: Sue PToSP€Ct of entering a long-term commuter
what would you then do’ If you }fel1r- E(]) partner wanted to have °hl1d’°“:
would you be willing to give u 1n bve with someone who lived far from you,
You might never find an ideal ‘o¥l> your liaareer to move to his or her location (when
her or his career for you? I mate )’ would YOU expect your partner to give up
4‘ What is Your idea

dmn You wish to have? Ho356 to have Qhlldfens and What is the ideal number of dill‘
from the standards of. am the, Parental Standards you have for yourself diffeml
your parents generation and your grandparents, generation?
Mini Projeclitfili

lme lines th – e
first time line is of at extend from now until the end of your life. Tl‘
your intended work career
My Work Career
Personal Responses to Strarned Schedules ($3

H“ markers fefvyitge esems specific to the work career you hope to
Here art 3 “’15 Io consider marking in.
wt I Complete school
I I “art my HIS! C3l’CCl’ job
Aiic 1 find my ideal career yuh
i‘.c l reach my Cilrccr peak
g¢ I intend to retire

V“. make 3 S€ConCl time line of your intended family career.
My Family Career
-s 30 35 40 45 50 S5 60 65 70 75 8!) 85
fittti‘ markers of keylife events specific to the family career you hope to
1. _m_ Here are a few items to consider marking in.
Age 1 completely exit my parents‘ household
0 Age l locate my life partner
Age I get married
o Age(s) I have my first (second, third . . .) child
a Age my parents start needing me to provide care for them
After creating these time lines, consider points of tension where the
iemands of your work career might outstrip the resources provided by your
Ezzziily, or if the demands of your family career might outstrip the resources
presided by your job. For example, if you have already established your
work career trajectory, and then find your life partner, can you be assured
that your life partner will have a career path that can be harmonized with
your own? Might you have to move for her or his career? Would you be
‘iiiliing to mow? 01- alternately, if your career peaks at the same time your
parents are approaching an age where they might need he-are‘. :i(l)lV::;i:
mect your capacity to Offer the types of -care yml t li;sre ‘otfnQ htiiir
And if Your career is Peaking at the same time ypur c i re ) a
inll that affefl Your Parmfal role performance.
having your pan-
vou mi tht consider
‘sevmou are m a serious rclatloiihlfiiithls efercise and compare Your life
-ch; or intended life partner P‘. ,2! discoivc, dggggreenierit on expectations
5- Bew h ou W8
fgrhow are. thoug , Yd Wes will be Coordinated!
Your future linkc

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