Articles Listed in Instructions

Articles Listed in Instructions

Human Resource Law Homework

From the text book, pg. 185, please select only one

(1) HR law from the box as your topic for homework #4. You will need to conduct some research to find a legal case that was won or lost using the selected EEO law as justification for discrimination.

Please explain the law (in your own words, copying will result in points off), how the law protects employees, how the law protects you as an employee or customer, and if changes are going to be made in the future regarding the law. Then explain the case and the verdict of the case. Make sure to use HR, business law, and legal terminology appropriately to explain what happened. DO NOT COPY OFF THE INTERNET, summarize, synthesize, and use citations from at least two (2) journal references. The paper should be at least two pages, times new roman, 12 point, double space, 1” margins all the way around.

In Patterns, read: Should American Citizenship be a Birthright?” Page 591-602

This section contains two essays, one by Linda Chavez, for birthright citizenship. The other is by Gary Will against birthright citizenship.
Choose a side of this issue and write a 550-word argumentative essay stating your position, using both articles as sources for arguments and counter-arguments.

Use at least one other source to support your argument. Use MLA citation with a Works Cited page at the end of paper.

need THREE sources all together I need to use the two articles that are listed in the instructions and uploaded here…. and one must be your choice but a scholarly journal.

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