articles critique (12 articles)

Topic: articles critique (12 articles)

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have 12 articles, articles of 9-15 and articles from 29-33 in the book of “the routledge international handbook of social justice”.Attached are the copies of the articles. Each article need a 1 page of serious critique according to the document of CIAOs (the guidelines) I uploaded. so 12 articles, 1 page single spaced of critique per article, makes 12 pages. Please carefully read the guidelines of 2 pages. it needs to be an outline, and alphanumeric. i ii iii iv v vi full sentences. Please read the chio document. 1 page long is OK per article. Make sure you do it according the CIAO document 100%

I will submit all articles, plus I will submit the example how it needs to be done. Please do the same.

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