PURPOSE OF THE ASSIGNMENT:To help you to look at artworks with a new intensity of awareness and talk about what you

see.To encourage you to think widely about the potential scope of art-historical knowledge.

Write a visual analysis of the artwork. The analysis should be 1 page in length (approx. 250 words).The description

should be very thorough. Consider scale, condition, significant details, colour, proportion, style, affective qualities,

and everything else you may notice. The challenge is to organize these in a logical and progressive way so that a reader

who does not see the artwork can both envisage it and share your opinions and feelings about it. While close observation

and description is fundamental, a visual analysis analyses the visual components in order to explore ideas and

perceptions, and arrive at a conclusion. How do the formal elements of the artwork work together to create a whole? To

convey a feeling? An idea?
Compose a list of questions about the artwork. The questions you ask should address the work from as many different

angles as you can think of. For example, you might consider the work’s social context, its provenance (how it got to the

museum) and the technical aspects of its manufacture. Please do not try to answer the questions you ask; rather, the idea

is to get you thinking about the widest variety of things that would be possible to discover about the object and why you

think these things would be important to know. Bullet point form acceptable.
Please note: Because no research is required for this paper, no notes or bibliography are necessary unless you,

exceptionally, choose to include a citation. It is acceptable to write in the first person.
Monet, Claude

Falaise de Pourvi/Ie, le matin

65.8 x 100.6 cm

Purchase,John W. Tempest Fund
lnv. 1918.126

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