‘Art Deco’ style Architecture

‘Art Deco’ style Architecture

Emergence of the ‘Art Deco’ style, artistic and design influences informed the style and its significance alongside emerging changed is European and north American

society and culture

Project description
Discuss the emergence of the ‘art deco’ style. Consider the artistic and design influences which informed the style, and its significance alongside emerging changes in

European and north American society and culture. Using specific examples, describe how ‘art deco’ was used for the design of space, form and applied detail.

Points to include:
• The names and locations of the projects, and wherever possible the names of any designers or architects associated with them
• Explain why you have chosen the selected projects/practitioners
• Consider how the designers have responded conceptually to the brief for a new or adapted space – to research the brief you will need to read book and journal texts

about the project
• Where relevant, how have the designers worked to adapt a particular place and space for a new use?
• What forms and materials have these designers specified for these projects, and why?
• Where relevant, how has the site been re-planned, and what interventions has the designer introduced
• Based on published writing, what has been the reception of the designers’ work?
• What are the larger socio-economic, cultural and historical factors that have influenced the production and representation of their work?

•To identify key historical issues and debates that have informed the understanding of designed spaces;
• To convey a contextualised understanding of your own work and practice;
• To describe some of the theoretical concepts through which spaces have been understood;
• To convey an understanding of the relationship between design and technology;
• Describe and analyse visual and material examples;
• To convey your knowledge and understanding in writing.

The Essay must be illustrated. Illustrations should be chosen to reinforce the points that you make in the essay. These can be scans from books. Ensure the

illustrations are numbered, captioned and the credits given at the back of the document. (Tip: After photocopying, make sure you write on your copy the author, book

title, publisher, and year – or, photocopy the book’s credits page with this information.

Fully referenced from books and websites.


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