Armchair Travel Journal

Find SIX (6) ARTICLES from hard news media sources which relate directly to this course. For each article write a TWO (2) PARAGRAPH SYNOPSIS about that current article, exposé, or program which illustrates, or is specific about, an international tourism issue which relates directly to a Course Topic (see Agenda topics 1 – 9 in the Syllabus).

Keep your eyes and ears open to what global tourism issues/topics and which locations are making it into the current media. Where do you see concepts and issues from this course discussed in the media?
? Look in the newspapers.
? Look in magazines.
? Look on the Internet.
? Look on television.
Be sure to use hard news sources.
Discussions about travel and promotion of tourism can be found all over the media:
? a discount tour to here;
? a cheap airfare to there.
Hints about the best kept travel secrets everywhere:
? Where is everyone going?
? Why are they going there?
? Who is getting what out of this mass movement of people out of their homes and across
international borders?

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