Aristotle and Modes of Persuasion

Aristotle is recognized as essential to helping us understand the foundations of persuasion. In particular his
work helps to explain how three primary modes of persuasion function (ethos, pathos, and logos). By
emphasizing on these artistic proofs, Aristotle provided us with a lens to assess the nuances of persuasion. For
your second essay you are to explore how USC is explaining and justifying its campus expansion policy for the
USC Village. The subject (or text) of your analysis should be the presentation by Kristina E. Raspe, USC?s Vice President, Real Estate Development and Asset Management. The video is available at

First, identify her primary persuasive challenge. What was she trying to accomplish? What evidence can you
point to validate your judgment? Second, assess those goals using the modes of persuasion. Which modes were most prominent? How did the modes interact? You should treat the presentation as an artifact that requires close analysis. Aristotle is clear on the importance of specific argument forms and your essay should focus on specific arguments. Make sure to fully explore your conclusions about the speech and include outside research when


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