Argument Synthesis

Argument Synthesis
Analyze the arguments made in “Should Immigrants Assimilate?” and “Debating Immigration”.
You will make your own claim about the relationship between the two authors’ arguments and support that claim with grounds drawn from the two articles.
This assignment requires you to think about each individual argument and then make a claim about the relationship(s) that you can infer from those arguments. Note: you are writing an argument synthesis for this assignment. You must make a claim and support that claim with evidence drawn from the sources assigned. Merely comparing and contrasting the two sources will not satisfy the goals of this assignment.
When discussing the connections between these texts
• Make sure to incorporate your analysis of the authors’ relevant claims, sub-claims, reasons and warrants.
• Make a claim about how each argument works within, extends, complicates, and/or challenges the other.
There are many other actions to consider in addition to those provided here. Your claim should be both arguable and engaged with both texts’ arguments.

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