Araby critical analysis paper

Write an analytical essay incorporating research and investigation of texts including close readings. Write essay in which it analyze specific texts, using primary evidence
from the text.

Write the paper as if your reader is not familiar with the story, but do not overly just summarize the plot. Although you will use some summary in your analysis, present your own interpretation using textual evidence for support. As you write, refer back to your critical argument when appropriate. Present your interpretation and try to convince your reader why your particular reading reveals an important insight about the story, one that you believe is significant. Quote briefly, but quotes should make up no more than about 15% of your paper.

Develop your major writing points (supporting arguments or claims) and select those details, passages, and/or events (the necessary textual evidence) that support your critical thesis and explain your thinking.

It’s best to summarize or paraphrase a key idea from the primary or secondary source before following with a quote to highlight your point then synthesize (or pull together) this material as you apply it to your own insight and observation.


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