Appraisal of Clinical Practice Guideline

Appraisal of Clinical Practice Guideline

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Mary Pierce, a pregnant Maori woman, has called an ambulance to her home. She is 32 weeks pregnant, with an uncomplicated healthy pregnancy up till now. She describes her symptoms to the paramedics at the scene as sudden dizziness, blindness in one eye and a ‘bad’ headache.

You meet Mary and her newborn baby daughter in the rehabilitation unit, twelve weeks after her emergency admission to your hospital. She is an inpatient in your unit, and is now walking with assistance and has gained strength in her left arm and left leg to enable her to feed herself and walk with a stick.
Your role focuses on working within a multidisciplinary team, to support Mary’s recovery, to meet her activities of daily living (ADLs), while supporting her mentally to manage her rehabilitation. Please ensure you address any specific considerations associated with Mary’s Maori heritage.


1. Discuss the following key concepts and their interrelatedness – clinical practice variation, clinical decision making and clinical practice guidelines

2. Present a detailed evaluation of the CPG (using five criteria as noted in the marking guide).

3. Provide a detailed evaluation of how the clinical practice guideline (CPG) provides clear direction for you, with respect to the early management of the clinical problem which is the focus of your aspect of the scenario.

4. Discuss how the CPG you found helps to reduce variation in practice and any facilitators or barriers relevant to the implementation of the CPG.

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