Application: Policy Evaluation



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Application: Policy Evaluation
Policy evaluation is one stage in a continuing process. The findings can be used to improve future policy, practice, and research. While effectiveness can be difficult to evaluate at the policy level, the logic model is a well-researched strategy for evaluating policy-related activities such as programs. The logic model can be used to link program inputs and activities with outcomes bringing together planning, evaluation, and action. In this Assignment, you will evaluate the effectiveness of an education program using a logic model.

To prepare for this Assignment, identify a well-documented program that has been in place in your education setting for at least 5 years. Carefully review the Kellogg Foundation’s “Logic Model Development Guide” (2001).

Assignment scenario
For this Assignment scenario, you are a senior officer/administrator at the state or local level. The person responsible for budget and finance in your organization is concerned about the cost effectiveness of a long-standing program in your area. He has requested a detailed evaluation of the program using the logic model.

Assignment instructions

This Assignment includes two parts:

Part I
Logic model diagram (1 page)
Using the software of your choice*, create a diagram that describes the following components of the program in a visual manner:

Assumptions (world views, values, ideologies)
Part II
Evaluation narrative
Write a 2-page narrative that consists of two sections: (1) a program evaluation and (2) a reflection on the use of the logic model for program evaluation.

Section I
Evaluate the effectiveness of the education program based on your use of the logic model. What does the logic model tell you about the effectiveness of the policy underlying the program?

Section II
What questions or insights do you have as a result of using the logic model to evaluate this program?


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