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Seminar Paper
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Pualstone, J. (2011) observe that over the past five years, response rates from internet surveys have fallen by more than 50% and the pool of willing respondents has shrunk considerably. Question are currently being raised as to whether market research is in a state of limbo, Using example, critically discuss this viewpoint and suggest ways in which companies can improve data collection and response rates.

Mark will be considering follow:

• A seminar paper is essentially a written treatment of the Discussion Question linked to each Topic (Conducing Marketing Research)
• Display knowledge of the principles and theories involved and ability to apply them effectively.
• Demonstrate the ability to select critical points, evaluate them communicate the conclusions effectively.
• Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the purpose of the exercise.
• In this assessment credit will be given, where appropriate, for:
• answering the question fully
• evidence of the application of marketing theory
• evidence of wider reading
• use of real-world examples
• critical thinking
• creative solutions
• clarity of expression



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