Analytical Response

2.Read Red Jacket’s “[The Great Spirit Has Made Us All]” and Tecumseh’s “[The White Men Are not Friends to the Indians]”.
3.Skip the summary section for this particular analysis. Instead, provide an introduction that has an attention-getter, some brief background information including the titles and authors of the works you’re using, and a thesis that alludes to the purpose (compare/contrast) and content of the AR.
4.Compare/contrast the speeches of Red Jacket and Tecumseh. Obviously, they are both speeches by Native Americans; because this information is commonplace, it need not be addressed. Instead, consider their style, use of literary techniques, tone, etc. How do they compare/contrast, and what difference does this make?
5.Write this response in the THIRD person also.
6.Use quotations sparingly–only where necessary to support a particular point (in other words, do not simply run a list of quotations from each text together. Concentrate on making your contrast/comparison and use the citations to support particularly difficult points).


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