Analysis of an Offender


Application Essay

Order Description
This project is on Ted Bundy
Describe his upbringing; his behavior over the course of a lifetime; social relationships; specific details pertaining to criminal offending patterns.
Provide a detailed overview of the offender, and his life and crimes. Discuss the nature of the offender crime. Explain how his criminal offending is consistent or inconsistent with what is known about the nature of criminal behavior.
Discuss the potential social and environmental causes of the offender?s behavior.
Discuss the potential psychological causes of the offender?s behavior.
Discuss the potential biological and genetic causes of the offender?s behavior.

Identify the type of offender.
Based on the type of offender that you are researching, explain some of the unique issues presented by this type of offender.
Discuss the obstacles to rehabilitation for this specific type of offender.

Discuss whether criminal profiling could have been used to apprehend this criminal sooner.
Explain how the details of this specific offender could be used in the apprehension of future criminals.

Briefly discuss some of the policy implications that might flow directly from what is now known about this offender.
Discuss how policy could be revamped in terms of prevention and rehabilitation.


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