: Analyse the contravention of Human rights among people with Disability

Topic: Analyse the contravention of Human rights among people with Disability

Order Description
Issue paper

Length: Strictly 1500 words


Analyse the contravention of human rights among one of the groups listed below:
??The Aged
??Asylum seekers
??Homeless people
??Indigenous people
??Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people
??People from culturally and Linguistically diverse backgrounds
??People with disability
??People with mentally illness
??Unemployed people

Note that your analysis must focus on a particular Australian case of a human
rights violation involving one or more members of the selected group reported in
the media since the year 2000. The items must come from reputable,
mainstream, national print, e.g., the Australian, Melbourne Age and Sydney
Morning Herald, and electronic media, i.e., ABC or SBS news and current affairs
only. Be prepared to track the case through a series of reports and in a
variety of media sources, e.g., the issue may well be reported by a number of
national newspapers and radio and television broadcasters.
Structuring the Issue Paper
The marking scheme provides the basic structure for the issue paper. The specific
criteria serve as prospective headings. However, the issue paper must be shaped
into a coherent narrative, and not simply form a series of unconnected responses
to the criteria.It is also essential that you
account for every word used. You must, therefore, ensure that the 1500 word
limit is strictly adhered to. There is no extra 10% word allowance. Text in excess
of the word limit will not be read, and hence, marked. Appendices, diagrams,
direct quotes, face page, figures, page numbers, reference list, and tables are not
included in the word count. Headings and in-text citations are counted

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