: Alternative Dispute Resolutions ( Negotiation )

Topic: Alternative Dispute Resolutions ( Negotiation )
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write 3,000 words essay (+/- 10%), Referencing style: SCOLA , Referencing style: SCOLA ( Footnotes and Bibliography ).
Please analyse, compare and contrast the relationship between the issues raised in Part A and the issues raised in Part B: identifying the similarities and discrepancies between the issues in Part A and the issues in Part B, and commenting on why you think that there are those similarities and discrepancies between Part A and Part B. For example, does the Part A question raise exactly the same issues as the Part B question, or is Part A broader or narrower than Part B – if so in what way or ways? (This comparison is to be made on the basis of the content of the Question, and not on the basis of the content of your essay.)

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