Agile and OOAD

The report is to be produced using a word-processor. Diagrams may be hand-drawn and photo-copied onto the relevant page. The report should have a title and identify the author. The report is to be no more than 8 single-side A4-pages (excluding cover, table of content and appendices) with a size 11 font and at least single-spacing. Anything beyond this limit will be ignored.

Choose four air llo\’_ratcs and measure the pressure drop for each flow rate
T/lL’()I’t.’l iL’¢I/
Apply the Ergun Equation with the physical properties of the tluid and packed column
l‘‘ ‘ «Q. r-rt H.
Equation: l

AP (1 S)’ p (1 g ) p
=15o-+-2u, +1.75-?°-:1u,
L 5, d, 5, I,
Find pressure drop
What we have/can find:
a We can measure the height ofthc packed column (L)
o Superficial Velocity Calculation:
u 1 9.

We know the flow rate of the inlet air
The area of the column can be calculated:
A = rrrz
We can measure the diameter of the column F3 i
o Equivalent Diameter can be calculated for the packing: 7 “packing’s to a graduated
cylinder to find the volume of one by dividing the V by 20 and”set to the Volume of a
at b °°~*‘Cr
Pr¢§5w~e film? W4“ 3‘



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