African American Politics


Political Science
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Answer each question in essays.

1. First, briefly explain the logic of the systems model as a framework to explain a political system’s responses to citizen demands. Second, as the model is applied historically to the civil rights movement (1909-1968) and to post civil rights era black politics (1968-present) explain its central thesis that the system will only respond (substantively) to black demands if there is a “crisis”, real or perceived.

2. Throughout the 1970s beginning at Gary in 1972 African Americans tried to form a single organization that would deal with problems of race in this country. Why did this effort fail? Given the reasons for its failure, is it likely that any such effort could succeed? In your response, pay some attention to issues of ideology-nationalism, integrationism and radicalism (Marxism), and why such extreme ideologies exist in black America.

3. I argue that the Democratic Party, quoting Malcolm X, treats blacks as “chumps” by taking their vote for granted while ignoring their policy agendas (Chapter 10). Explain the basis on which I reach these conclusions. Do you think the election of Barack Obama alters these conclusions?

Mainly use the book “We have No Leaders” by Robert C. Smith as reference if possible.


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