About a musical artist

Choose a musical artist (you might consider someone that you do not listen to) and answer the questions below. After responding, write a two-page double-spaced essay summarizing your analysis of the artist’s message. I expect college-level writing, which means correct grammar, punctuation, full and complete sentences and statements that are supported with examples.
Do not include your name, class title, date, etc. on the top of the paper. Your essay should be two-pages without headings.

1. Which artist did you choose and why?

2. Is this artist a popular artist? If so, why? If not, why not? How do you think his/her level of popularity affects his/her message?

3. What is the message that you hear through the words and the music of this artist?

4. Has this artist created music videos? Is the message reinforced or different in the video? What messages are conveyed through the images in the video?

5. Is the artist using his/her music to inform the audience about something? Why or why not?

6. Is the artist using her/his music to persuade the audience about something? Why or why not?



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