Abnormal Behavior

What is abnormal behavior? You no doubt have seen people who behave oddly. Perhaps you have friends and family who have mental health problems. Maybe you, yourself, have experienced a psychological problem or disorder. It would not be surprising, as mental illness, from mild to severe, impacts a significant percentage of the population. There are numerous life challenges that can lead to abnormal behavior and/or a psychological disorder. In addition, there are problems associated with the brain that can cause psychological disorders.

While this course does not focus on psychological disorders, such disorders do relate to psychological adjustment. Poor adjustment can lead to a psychological disorder. Or, a psychological disorder can hinder adjustment to life’s challenges. This Discussion asks you to explore psychological disorders specifically as they relate to adjustment to life’s problems in the 21st Century.

To prepare for this Discussion:

• Review Chapter 8 in your textbook, focusing on how on each of the different types of psychological disorders is related to adjustment.

• Watch the short videos: Blues to Brains; Imaging Antidepressant Accuracy; Post Trauma Drugs; and Schizophrenic Brain.

• Select two different psychological disorders and compare them specifically in terms of how they are related to adjustment to today’s challenges. How can these disorders lead to poor adjustment? How can these problems be caused by poor adjustment? Think about some real world examples. How are the two disorders you selected similar and different in relation to adjustment?

• Explore the psychology topics on the APA Online Web site to find out more information on the two psychological disorders you have selected.

The Assignment: 1 page, APA style format, No Plagiarism and must be cited with the references provided. Thank you

Write a very brief personal definition of abnormal behavior. Then briefly describe each of the two psychological disorders you select. Finally, compare (similarities and differences) the two psychological disorders you selected as they relate to adjustment in the 21st Century.

Note: Put the names of the psychological disorders you selected in the first line of your assignment. You will be asked to respond to a colleague who selected at least one psychological disorder that is different from the ones you selected.
• Course Text: Psychology and the Challenges of Life

o Chapter 8, “Psychological Disorders,” Module 8.1 (pp. 264-267), plus two additional sections of your choice
o Chapter 14, “The Challenge of the Workplace,” Modules 14.2-14.3 (pp. 508-544 only)
• Article: Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research. (2006). Job satisfaction: Strategies to make work more gratifying. Retrieved April 4, 2008, from the Mayo Clinic Web site:
This article suggests many strategies for making work more gratifying. It focuses on decreasing stress and increasing mental and physical health in the workplace.
• Article: Amble, Brian. (2007). Job satisfaction keeps falling. Retrieved April 4, 2008, from the Management-Issues Web site:
This article suggests several signs and causes for declining job satisfaction with U.S. workers.
• Media
• Blues to Brains
• Imaging Antidepressant Accuracy

• Post Trauma Drugs
• Schizophrenic Brain
Web Sites
• Psychology Topics
This website provides excellent information on many different psychological disorders.
With these Learning Resources in mind, please proceed to the Discussion.


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