A Shared Vision of the Change

A Shared Vision of the Change

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Your thoughts about the value of creating an IC Map based on the prompts above. Be sure to include insights and examples from the “Community Middle School: A Case Story of Implementation” in your Learning Resources.

Explain two to three components you would include on an IC Map for your program and use clear descriptive language for the highest level of implementation for each (Level 1).

Explain how sharing this vision with teachers would help them to continue to improve their practice related to the program and ultimately enhance student achievement.

Recall the story that Dr. Shirley Hord shared in this week’s “Concerns-Based Adoption Model” video program, when she and her colleagues saw multiple variations of a teaching practice at a particular school. Have you had similar experiences in which you saw a new or revised practice interpreted in different ways by different people? Chances are that you have. Roy and Hord (2004) note in this week’s Innovation Configurations article that “studies of how policies, programs, and processes have been implemented show that innovations typically are implemented in various ways and with varying levels of quality” (p. 56).

Based on your learning this week, consider how developing and sharing an Innovation Configuration Map (IC Map) for your own program will help create a shared vision of the change. How might using this tool in a diagnostic (and not evaluative) way with teachers or other stakeholders, help them to understand the ideal practice, identify areas for improvement, and build upon areas of strength related to their new or modified practice? As you think about the value of developing an IC Map for your program:

Consider the insights you gained about IC Map development in the “Community Middle School: A Case Story of Implementation” and review the IC Map for the “Adolescent Reading Improvement Initiative” developed by Dr. Hord for the case story.

Imagine how your program would look in practice by a teacher in a classroom or for any other role related to your program (e.g., principal, district coordinator).

Identify two to three components you would include on an IC Map for your program and develop images and descriptive words that would create a clear picture of ideal practices for each component.

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