2.Critical Developments in Marketing Theory and Practice ( answer 5 questions)

Critical Developments in Marketing Theory and Practice
Each answer must be approximately 1000 words in length
All questions carry equal marks

Q1 Vargo and Lush propose that the service dominant logic (SD-Logic ) replaces the traditional goods dominant logic (GD-Logic) marketing approach .

Define and compare the SD-Logic with the GD-Logic .Giving your reasons discuss which areas of marketing the SD-Logic makes a new contribution to marketing and what may

be its limitations .

Q2 Explain why social media is a challenge to marketing managers operating in consumer markets .What advice would you give to an organization in the use social media

to benefit their business and those areas where it may result in negative consumer reactions ?

Q 3 Explain and discuss the concept of a marketing system and why it is important for marketing managers to have knowledge of the system in which their organization


Q4 What does the research tell us about why consumers and other stakeholders might be skeptical about CSR communications and what can organizations do to reduce this

skepticism and improve CSR reputations?

Q5 Achrol and Kotler (2012) write about how science and new technologies are being used by marketers in an emerging paradigm emphasizing consumer sensory experience

and behavior: impact on consumption –production-distribution networks; and contribute towards sustainable marketing.

Explain and discuss these scientific and technological developments, and the emerging paradigm .How and why are these developments impacting on marketing at different


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