007museum web site

007museum web site
Order Description
This Project will analyse and describe the 007museum web site, and then it will identify the major weak points in terms of design and e-commerce standards that should be available to make the customer life easy while navigation. Imagine that you are a consultant company named (your name) and are approached by them to make major recommendations and suggestions that may help in developing an e-commerce strategy that will allow 007museum to provide a full range of e-commerce services.

The museum website is https://www.007museum.com/ .

The structure of your project is important and is expected as the following:
1. Cover page that includes the course information, students’ information, and title of the assignment, supervisor, and date.
2. Index.
3. Abstract.
4. Introduction that explain the topic in general.
5. Literature review where you can explain the some information about good design tips and e-commerce market mechanisms.
6. Conclusions.
7. References.

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